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The All-in-One Route Planner for Your Ideal Road Trip

Planning your next road trip adventure should be as exhilarating as the journey itself!

Embarking on an epic adventure has never been easier, thanks to CampTarget!

Our road trip planning app, is designed for all camper van and RV users, helping you to create the perfect route for your next journey. Say goodbye to the stress of planning and hello to the open road.

Your Solution to Road Trip Challenges 

CampTarget addresses the common pain points faced by many camper van users and RV enthusiasts when planning road trips. We understand the challenges of not knowing where to make stops or what to find there. That’s why our app provides detailed information about attractions, amenities, and points of interest along your route. 

Effortless Route Planning 

With CampTarget, planning your route has never been simpler. Our user-friendly road trip planning app automatically divides routes based on your preferred driving time, ensuring you can hit the road at a comfortable pace. No more guessing or tedious calculations to figure out how long the trip will take, whether you can make the trip within your desired timeframe, or where and when to take breaks. With CampTarget, you can simply input your preferences and let our app handle the rest. 

How does it work?

#1 Chart Your Journey

Add all the places you desire to visit to outline the perfect route you envision. With CampTarget, you can select the locations you want to explore on your road trip. From bustling cities to serene landscapes, pick places that align with your wanderlust.

#2 Manage Your Time

Customize your journey timeline. Set the overall time frame for your trip and your desired daily driving time or distance. CampTarget helps you balance adventure and rest to ensure you to have the most enjoyable road trip.

#3 Plan Your Stops

Uncover hidden gems along your route with our suggested break points. Discover everything from cozy camping grounds and comfortable hotels to local shops, eateries, and attractions. CampTarget ensures your journey is as rewarding as your destination.

#4 Sync and Set Off

It is all about getting you on the road. Transfer your meticulously planned trip data to your favorite navigation system with a simple click. Then, buckle up and set off on your journey, confident with CampTarget guiding your way.

One-Stop Information Hub 

No more juggling multiple platforms to find the information you need. CampTarget consolidates everything in one easy-to-use app. From discovering hidden gems along your route to finding the perfect campsite for the night.

User-Friendly Interface 

Our simple, intuitive user interface makes route planning a breeze. With CampTarget, you’ll spend less time struggling with technology and more time enjoying the beauty of the landscapes from the comfort of your camper van. 


  • Unlimited numbers of destinations
  • Save and share options
  • Alternative routes
  • All new features included
Great Explore
PER YEAR 19,99*
  • Unlimited numbers of destinations
  • Save and share options
  • Alternative routes
  • All new features included
Scenic Sampler
  • Max. 8 destination per month
  • Basic information on pin of interest
  • Alternative routes
  • New features not included

The Versatile Route Planner for All Travelers

CampTarget isn’t just for RV users. It’s a versatile route planning app that caters to all types of travellers, including those embarking on road trips with cars, motorbikes, or even bicycles. No matter your preferred mode of transportation, CampTarget is here to assist you in creating the perfect route for your journey. Say farewell to the complexities of manual planning and let CampTarget be your reliable companion, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Join CampTarget Today! 

Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Sign up for our free version and experience the convenience of CampTarget firsthand. Once you’ve fallen in love with our app, upgrade to our paid version for even more amazing features and support. 

Start planning your dream road trip with CampTarget, your ultimate road trip planner!